Sunday, October 18, 2009

Read All About! It Florida Gets Cold!!

It's here boys and girls. The time of the year we look forward to, a cold snap has come through.

Just a few days ago, it was in the 90's, I awoke this morning to 52 degrees. The AC is off, the windows are open for the first time since April. A briskness in the air. A look at the backyard pool no longer seems inviting, like a jilted lover, it is tucked away in the back of the mind.

The humidity doesn't go away, still a dampness in the air to contend with. It accents the cold air, making it appear chillier then it should be.

The clothes one wears will start to change with the season. More long pants, less shorts. Maybe even wearing socks? with shoes?
Sweatshirts and sweaters start to show up like long lost relatives at a free all you can eat buffet.

You know it will happen, the cold air pushing down from the land of our northern brethren, cold fingers inching their way ever southward. It does not bring snow nor ice in its grasp.

Outside work can now be done, gasping for a breath in the heat of the day, just a memory. The tempatures will jump up and down, may plunge in the 30's on occasion, usually in January. Who knows this year, where many places have had snow already.

Soon we will tire of it, wishing for the sunshine we did have, basking in its warmth once again.
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