Thursday, November 1, 2012

Honey, I am tired of hurricanes, let's move to Florida

Isn't Florida the land of the hurricane landfall? Not since 2005 and Hurricane Wilma (which one of our rescue beagles was named after) hit us. Yep, seven years  since then, not that we are complaining.

Since Hurricane Andrew in 1992 we have learned a lot, mostly how to prepare and what to expect. Shutters, provisions and such. Not all of us (I sure have) but many of us. 

Most people don't understand how large a hurricane can be. Sandy was over 1,000 mile wide! All they see is that spinning arrow on the map on the weather channel and think what's the big deal. 

And then there is the power outages which can last for a few weeks. Lack of food, water, medicine, baby stuff etc. Traffic lights out (hate that the most) and gasp, no TV! Most will shrug it off and say it is once in a lifetime, won't happen again. They are wrong. It will happen again and they won't be prepared next time either. 

I am sure many people are impatiently waiting for things to get back to normal, fix the damages, restore power, and such.  This is the new normal and you might as well get used to it. Evacuate? How do you evacuate New York city? You can't.

So to the people hit by Sandy, we feel sorry for you. To the ones that laughed at New Orleans or Texas, or Florida, or Cuba, or any of the islands that go through this, still laughing? Still think it is easy to move out of the way? Still thinking it is no big deal? I didn't think so. We feel for you but you will survive, somehow.

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