Thursday, November 29, 2012

I always say, most people in Chicago don't eat the stuff, Deep Dish Pizza

Chicago may have invented it but most don't eat deep dish pizza. We like a thin crust pizza, with sausage, not pepperoni, and it will usually have mushrooms, onions and peppers. Basic stuff.We don't cut it in slices that you have to fold to eat, they are cut into three inch by two inch pieces. The cheese goes on top, not on the bottom.
Chicago rules.

side note. I was in a pizza place yesterday, a guy comes in, orders a slice of pepperoni pizza. The counter guy take a cold slice of pizza, adds some meat, warms it up, and there is your pizza? gagging!

Chicagoans are very proud of its food heritage. The link below takes you on a quick tour of some of the highlights of the city. How we do our hot dogs, beef sandwiches and of course pizza. In one part of the show, in a bar, the patrons were asked "who eats deep dish pizza?" Only a few hands were raised, one mentioned he would eat it only if he had out of town guests. There are thousands of bars and thousands more food places. We love the basics and the trendy stuff, most will take a pass. I would love to take any of you on a tour of Chicago. I think you would fall in love. Enough venting. Time for a dipped beef sandwich, oh I do wish it was so.

               48 Hours in Chicago                            

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