Friday, November 30, 2012

The battle against adversity is not all it's cracked up to be

I have had dry spells before in my life, nothing like this. Compliments continue to roll in, great work ethic, fun to be with, great attitude, and yes charming but compliments do not pay the bills. Victory seems to be eluding my grasp at the moment. I keep falling just short of the brass ring.

I must admit I am getting bolder on who I see or approach out there in the business world. Everyone and everything is fair game to me. I have now built into myself to call back again and again until they say no to me.
And that is all well and good.

But the buzzards are circling. Working straight commission is a lonely road to walk alone. People wonder how you can do it. Lots of head shaking.  And the always at hand question, "Any sales?"

To be fair about it all, there is five levels or so to master on this job before you are totally on your own. Different approaches to business people, different presentations to employers, how to present to employees ( which I am watching and learning from other agents ) and the paperwork and follow up, all to be totally on my own. But there are fellow agents with more experience to help with the details. I am grateful to them all and their efforts. I long to do it all on my own.

But come on!

I am not just knocking on the door I am kicking it in. I will say this, next week is crucial. I have some big days in motion.

Universe, are you listening? Let me win, now!

I will have a large cup of coffee right after I pick up my Superman suit from the dry cleaners!


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