Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving might be the perfect holiday

It is a day that revolves around food, family, friends, and football. No presents, no shopping except for meal preparations of course. Expectations are basic. Enough to eat, enough to drink and somewhere to stretch out and watch the game. It is hoped that whoever is invited to dinner will enjoy themselves. We used to exchange holiday visits, go there for Thanksgiving and come here for Christmas but things got a bit strained and that has fallen by the wayside. All for the better I think. It truly is a day for relaxation instead. No driving home with a big belly full of food and driving with tired eyes.

However there is always a spoiler lurking in the background. Black Friday, the day retailers across the country try to convince you to come in on that day to buy stuff you don't need when all year long you would drive by when you saw their place of business. It is great fun to watch people gloat that they got that great deal in which they had to camp out all night to get, racing out of the store, clutching it to their bosom, proudly proclaiming their victory!

Not me. And now that I am out of the retail cycle and didn't have to listen to the early seasonal songs and lights and such and have the crush of holiday sales that make or break a store and concern myself with my own sales goals, maybe the holidays might mean more, once again. But that will take time. The family is older now so the early morning childlike happiness has passed. But Christmas time is for another post.

Time soon for some basic stuff, wash and wax my truck, finish cutting the grass, take a look at the garage door which stopped going up and down and maybe some football later on today.

time for Sunday morning coffee
and an afternoon beer


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