Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Puttering around the blog

Somedays you take a look and realize it is time for a change, Unlike life and social intercourse it is easy to make changes on one's blog. Easy and not easy. There are many different combinations now a days, add this, tweak that, trying for that certain look you know is out there, like baby bear, just right.

And you change.

and change.

and change.


and a day or two later.


and change.


So many changes, sometimes I wonder if it goes full circle and I am back to where I started.

And being I see it everyday it will bug me until it feels right. This blog is more functional and basic, while my art and music blogs are more whimsical I guess, more fun.

Structure is sometimes more satisfying. But it is not daring at all.

Back to reading what others have written, right where I left it!

I can be boring I know.

coffee or tea, my next decision.

how about both?

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