Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Be kind to the wee retail folk this Friday please

I don't have any part of the retail scene this Friday though I will be making sales calls my self, getting business doesn't stop. But the onslaught of many a big box retailer on the workers will begin. Many will have Black Friday start on Thanksgiving evening. The workers are robbed of even this one simple day with their family this year. Some how they are convinced that they must feed the ravenous appetite of the shopper who will not rest until they have the latest and of course the cheapest gadget.

But at what cost?

Many credit cards will be at the bursting stage with debt that that will linger long after the glow of the Christmas presents will fade away.

Some will wonder why they are standing in line in the early morning hours when others are sleeping content to pick up a bauble or two at their leisure. Each year the shopping season makes less and less sense to me. I find it easier to resist the siren calls of the ads on TV, print and of course online that we are inundated with during our waking moments.

Some of them I find amusing especially the ads that show a husband or wife giving one another a car for Christmas. Ah yes, the gift that keeps on giving, monthly payments for 6 years or so.

But I know it is just me, Scrooge McDuck, not in the spirit of buying. Or is it giving. It is hard to tell this time of year.

morning coffee time

bah humbug!


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