Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You do realize those are my balls you are playing with?

Golf balls! Golf balls! lol

I took off a few days last week as a friend flew down from Chicago for a few days and we played a few rounds of golf, caught up with each other on the daily going ons and if I remember correctly had a few beers! Okay, more then a few.

The weather somewhat cooperated, chilly and windy but no rain. We golfed at a new place, for him, and an old favorite. We had a good time. We even took a beer into the ocean, with pictures, just to prove that the ocean was there.

He tries to come down once a year for a few days, which I greatly appreciate but I wonder for how much longer. It is true that things start to breakdown as we get older, and he has many aches and pains, so many that I wondered if golf would be out of the question. He wondered too. I hate to say it but he was looking frail at times, enough so that I felt strong and youthful in comparison. Well, for the most part anyway

As a side note though, I noticed a stronger divergence on our personal viewpoints on politics and the world stage at large, some worth discussing but mostly a nod here or there, not in agreement but to acknowledge a point or two. But we have know each other for over forty years now so that is okay.

Work has been tiring and not yet fruitful but I continue to plug away and success will succumb to my efforts. It has to, or I will put a death grip on it until it yields.

quick coffee time
early networking meeting
rather be golfing!

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