Monday, November 19, 2012

A dream of survival

I woke up to from to me, an interesting dream, A two part dream actually. Somehow I was on a ladder and two of the legs broke off and tumbling down I went, but I was okay. Then it segued to another, I appeared to be on a cliff, somewhere along an ocean. I was standing this time and suddenly a huge chunk of the cliff that I was standing on broke free and it and me went falling. I had my eyes closed as I didn't want to see the end. As a result it seemed to take forever to reach the bottom. But I survived somehow and got up and walked away. I then was talking with someone and pointing out what had happened and then I woke up.


Personal life, work life, I don't know but it was vivid enough to remember some details but not all of it. The conversations I can't remember damn it!

A puzzle that somehow will work its self out.

a big coffee and tea to mull things over.

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