Saturday, November 17, 2012

Climate Change = Extinction and we are next!

We may delay it but it will happen. Most of us still living will be in big trouble when it happens. There is no stopping it. I read somewhere that 95% of all living beings have disappeared over time. We will part of that or close to it. The human lifestyle has sped things up but the natural warming-ice age cycles happen.

Yellowstone part has a lava cauldron waiting to explode, based on estimates, it is 30,000 years late. Impacts from outer space can and still happen. The sun goes through cycles too and a gamma ray burst hitting us will be devastating. They have found that the north and south poles can switch, how quickly I don't remember. Earthquakes, hurricanes and so on will continue to devastate.

The earth however will survive, however people won't. We think we can control everything, but we can't.

What to do? Get drunk, get laid and tomorrow repeat. Be happy!

beer time

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