Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where It All Began

Before I started this blog, a friend and I had an idea to bring about world peace for a day. A naive attempt perhaps, but an attempt.  It was my first writing attempt ever!

I have changed how I do things, away from politics and such, but a trip down memory lane is good once in awhile. This trip may not happen again, so here we go.

One Day of Peace
An idea was born in the year 2008, along with a friend of mine, Gary Kent, that we might make a difference. I contacted every governor in the United States to sponsor a proclamation on "One Day of Peace", a day of do no harm. We were not successful, but we did not fail. Here is the end result.

A Day of

“Do No Harm to Your Fellow Man”

November 5, 2008

Remember, remember the 5th of November, 2008, (yes, borrowed from V for Vendetta, the Movie), the day the humankind did not intentionally do any harm to one another. The day the earth literally stood still and did not cause any suffering to one and other.
Some would say I am terribly naive to expect this to happen, jousting at windmills Don Quixote’ but I have to try. There has to be hope for mankind, a glimmer of hope for a day. Is that to much to ask?

Listening to the Neil Rogers show one day,, he talked about religion, he said he would name his church “The Church of Do No Harm” and the idea was planted in my mind. How to make this real?

The mayhem I watch and read about on a daily basis, on TV, in the newspapers, on the web, reported at breakneck speed is staggering. The most cruel and unimaginable acts are repeated everyday.

People are being slaughtered as we speak, murdered on a whim, raped, tortured, starving, and so on. If it bleeds, it leads on the news tonight. And when you hear about this, one might say (”tsk, tsk, isn’t that terrible, what’s the world coming to?”), and move on. Until it hits home, it might be you next!

Sometimes people are the cause by doing, some people are the cause by ignoring what goes on.

We are not the best that planet has to offer, but we are the most destructive. Some cultures have lived in harmony with nature, but at their own peril. History shows many are gone. Conquered. Wiped out.

Millions of deaths have been caused by religion, politics, greed, desiring of what a neighboring country has, whatever the reason, it has continued. 

The War Machine. Fear. Exploitation. Blame others for your misfortunes. The easy way out. Politicians count on this to stay in office. Blame immigration on job losses….jobs that go unfilled everyday.

Give them to some one willing to work for the opportunity, the chance to be someone.

Eisenhower warned in his final days in office, as president, that the growing presence of war profiteers needed war to continue to increase business. Make up an excuse, start a war, people die, it’s profitable. And so it goes.

The most wonderful country in the world is crumbling, unable to feed its entire people, treat the sick, and educate the people who then can contribute to society. If you can keep someone down, don’t let them thrive, does that make you feel better? Superior? To some this works just fine.

The strong are supposed to protect the weak, not exploit them, or kill them.

I need you help to spread the word that for one day all politicians, all religious leaders, all business leaders, all leaders of all countries, the United Nations, tyrants, rulers, good and evil, whatever and wherever, to make this happen.

I need presidential candidates to make this happen. I need all governments to make this happen. Executions postponed for a day. Killers don’t kill for a day. No robberies, no rapes, don’t beat children or animals. Feel good about yourself for one day. Shut everything down for one day, except for vital services. Don’t drive, don’t shop… no harm….for one day. No wars…one day a truce!

The web is the Gutenberg press spreading like wildfire all of these things I have talked about. Some will not because they can. I challenge them the most. Do you have the courage, the heart to go against your normal convictions? Many will help; many will try to spread the word. Make it your cause…become a big part of this…write to others…talk to others.

This will spread to the small towns and villages that have no Internet. The back roads of every nook and cranny across the world must be touched. Mankind is crying out in terror and pain. If this can happen, anything can happen; no obstacle is too large or too small.

Please help. Thank you.

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