Sunday, October 24, 2010

Post Golf Recovery

My day started out ok. Up early, got ready, dropped off some art books at the library and off to the golf course. I was to meet friends later for coffee before signing in. There was a slight breeze as I practiced some putts by myself, no one around, perfect conditions I thought to myself.

The driving range awaiting anxious golfers

Golf carts at the ready

Simple enough game, put the ball in the hole!

A friend called, would pick me up and off we went to get something to eat, which I hadn't planned on, but I got swept up by the smell of French toast and succumbed. After eating, we went back to the course to sign up and wait for the start of the tournament. And wait, and wait, and wait. Two hours to the start seems like an eternity.

At the sign up table, they get your name and what cart position (meaning your starting hole) and your goody bag (golf shirt, socks, golf balls etc). When you send in your money, they don't send back an e mail confirmation, so there is an anxious moment that you might not play today. Whew, we are in.

Next in line waits three attractive women whose sole purpose is to separate you and your money (for a good cause) for raffle tickets for later on in the evening. But it doesn't end there. Various women are scattered around the course for games of chance and of course the beverage carts that travel around, free beer for everyone, tips accepted.

By tee off time. the wind had picked up considerably. There was no chance of rain, but a strong wind puts a damper on the game of an average golfer. We struggled somewhat throughout the day, but still had fun, because that is what friends are for.
From left to right, Tom, Dick, Ray(me) and Gary

As a group, our score at the end of the day was a 70. The winning score was a 61. The worst score was an 88, so all in all, we did ok. I came away with nothing at the end of the day prize wise with the raffle give away.

I had some soreness early on, with my right knee and twisted my back with three holes to go for the day. As I write this, I am hoping I can make it into work. Sigh....

But all in all a fun time was had by everyone and I can't wait to do it again,

A remarkable resemblance don't you think?

The end
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