Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gates, Buffett, and Me

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are known for many things, but for the last few years, their major push into charities and the philanthropic work has been getting all the attention.

Hey wait a minute, me too! About 5 years ago I was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about an organization called Kiva who works with people who are trying to get ahead in life. People from around the world get loans to start or expand a business and make a better life for themselves and their families.

The minimum loan dollar amount is $25.00. You lend it interest free. That is right, you don't make a nickel. There is always a chance of loss, but it is rare. I have made 12 micro loans to this organization. All money has been repaid and I re-loan it as soon as the money paid back hits $25.00.

My latest loan went to
Leslie Moreno 
Agriculture, Philippines
just loaned

Ana Avalos
General Store, Paraguay

36% paid back

Vitaliy Ivanchuck
Printing, Ukraine

70% paid back

Stella Ovenseri
Clothing Sales, Nigeria

100% paid back

Pharmacy, Peru

100% paid back

Eva Vavrisevich
Shoe Sales, Ukraine

100% paid back

Thach Long
Construction Supplies, Cambodia

100% paid back

Marcelina García's Group
Retail, Paraguay

100% paid back

Farming, Peru

100% paid back

Zonia López Moya
Food Production/Sales, Mexico

100% paid back

Rosa Sánchez 
Food Production/Sales, Ecuador
100% paid back

Cynthia Konnan
Beauty Salon, Ghana

100% paid back

When you go to the Kiva page, you see the people asking for money, the story behind them, their hopes and dreams and you pick the one you want to help. Being the loans are $25.00, it sometimes takes many  people  to get them to their goal. Yes, it feels good to help someone out, someone that you will never see but you know you had a helping hand in their success. 

That's it. No fuss, no mess. No heavy lifting.

Watch out Gates and Buffett, here comes Ray!

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