Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Saturday Golf Tournament Excitement!!!!

It is time once again for the annual golf tournament I play each year. We tee off this Saturday at a local course, Cypress Creek Country Club. It is a charity event, raising money for Juvenile Diabetes. Some friends and I have been playing for the last 5 years or so. It is very popular and a full complement of foursomes will be playing. Last year many foursomes were turned away as they ran out of space.

I expect the same this year.  It is a best ball tournament, which means each player takes their best shot, it is decided which one is best, and everyone plays from that point. In essence you get four tries for each shot. 
It is relatively easy to do well, much better scoring than playing on your own. But the competition is fierce and scores will be very low. Two years ago we came in 7th.

But this is not why I am writing this. It is the feeling of excitement building inside me. It is playing for something tangible, something important, being a member of a team, striving for victory.  I don't play that often, a difficult work schedule, and golf itself is costly.  But all that aside, it makes me feel like a little kid getting ready for his first little league game. I remember my son, a little guy at the time, going to bed in his uniform, he couldn't wait to play the following morning. I wonder how silly I would look sleeping in my golf clothes.

It is the feeling of having something on the line for a change. As an occasional golfer, the skills aren't there. But on any given shot we are all capable of making a TV golf shot that shows up on replays everywhere.

The little kid in me, now an older man, is ready.

Bring it on

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