Thursday, October 14, 2010

Me? Write Your Wedding Vows? Uh, Ok!

I was recently was asked by a woman at work to write her wedding vows.

I was stunned, hiding my surprise, I said yes.

I thought about it for four days or so. Writing it took about 45 minutes. I handed it to her at work.

When she read it, she started to cry, blurted out "perfect" and kept crying.

This was all because I took a chance and brought some of poetry to work for some of the ladies to read.

Let Them Read was my post I guess that started the ball rolling.

I was there for the wedding, feeling like a playwright waiting to hear the words I had written.

For better or worse (pun intended) here is what I came up with.

My first, my last, my everything
Words torn from a song
What can one say
When someone touches your heart and your very soul

My words are framed in ways
To show our shared emotions
Our lives are different from this moment on
Caring for one another
Our ups and downs
For better or worse
My soul mate

We are kindred spirits
Our movements locked in step
It is meant to be forever

Our hands reaching out for the other
To be there for me
And I for you
I will give you my all
To be loved once again
My gift to you and yours to me
Everything I have to make you happy

Affairs of the heart can not be wished for
Birds must sing in the same key
Bees making honey never sweeter

Sunrises seem to be perfect
Sunsets bring hope for more to come
Walks by the ocean. Two sets of prints
Leaving their mark

Our thoughts to be shared
Words not be spoken

I never gave up hope that sometime
Somewhere, you would enter my life
And share our lives together

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