Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Walk Don't Run

I used to be quite the athlete when I was younger. I am not saying a pro quality athlete, but I hung out with a bunch of guys that would play any sport at any time. The trunk of my car, when I got older looked like a sports store, I was ready for anything.

Flash forward. married, kids, move to Florida, another kid, work, and then a revival of sorts, 5 k's , softball and stuff. Injuries pile up. Then it fades away,

until now.

Linda and her Twaddle is what I consider an athlete. She constantly works out, 4 days a week. Rain or shine.
Literally in the rain. Next year, on April 1st she will be walking 62 miles in approximately 28 hours straight, no sleep.

Something clicked inside me. Competitive juices have gotten stirred inside me. Now we will never compete on the same field together, we may never meet, but game on. Like a Phoenix rising I am back in the game.

Some concessions to some injuries on my part, a torn meniscus in my right knee, has limited me to walking but not running. But after a few test days to see how I would feel, I am thinking time is the only constraint I have each day. I walk daily at a very steady rate listening to music as I go along.

After almost 3 weeks, not missing a day, I am up to 4 1/2 miles.  Today, I might stretch it to 6 miles.  Am I stiff, sore shins, tired when I start? Yes, all of the above depending on the day.  Do I fell good when I am done? Yep!

Look out world, I am on the march.

To be continued.
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