Friday, October 22, 2010

Chock Full Of Inner Demons

While out walking this morning, I realized I was feeling stiffer then most days. My knee was still aching, my shins seemed to get sore real quick and OMG, I forgot to pee before I left!

My music was going, but I hadn't found the right song to get me going. My brain was yapping in overdrive. negative thoughts, one after another first crept in and then like a floodgate being open here they came. It took about ten minutes or so before I could start to cage them up for another day and continue onward. Good thing I was able to continue and finish up laps(4) (1 1/2 miles each)and sweaty and kind of exhausted, head back to the house. But it got me to thinking.

Everyday we are bombarded by complaints, negative thoughts and otherwise useless information we can't control, whether at the workplace, at home, wherever. You have to be aware and be strong mentally and focus on the tasks at hand, no matter how repetitious or seemingly unimportant it may appear to be.

Someone does want you to fail. And sometimes that someone is you. Or me. Failure is common. It is comfortable. Victory is fleeting, failure is forever. Anyone can fail, not everyone succeeds. Pick a sport, who won the championship last year? Who won two years ago? Fame is fleeting. The road to success is a twisting winding road, were it ends up is unknown. How fast, how slow, to get there, I don't know. There isn't a time clock, but there is a scorekeeper. That would be you.

Dead ends, failure, they are everywhere. It is so easy to quit, blame others on why it didn't work out. People will nod their head and say, "yep, could see that coming." Champions work on a game plan. They attack the enemy. They use strategy. A strong work ethic. But even champions have doubts. Mental mistakes, blunders. Why oh why? Even the best have their down moments.

But think about it. An error in the first inning of a game counts just as much as an error in the last play of the game. Except during the course of a game, things early on are forgotten.

So when things don't go right, go to your happy place, when you were king for a day, when you couldn't miss and realize you can do it again.

And find the right music and march on.
Watch out world!
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