Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let Them Read

Sometimes the only way to find out if anything is worth anything is to ask. Recently I brought some of my poetry to work to be read by a few of my co-workers, women of course, who I have had some meaningful conversations in the past.  Yes, I picked them hoping for a favorable response.

I gave them about ten poems, left them alone, and hoped for the best.  Talk about a gut check. Posting on the web is one thing, face to face another. Then I returned.

One thing I noticed immediately is they looked at me differently. I was cast in a new light. I heard words like "powerful, sad" and I wish I was there and glad I wasn't, and "beautiful".

I had opened up a window to my inner being and they seemed to appreciate it. One said I should read at a coffee house on a poetry night.

It did give me hope that my writing is not a useless endeavor.

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