Friday, January 13, 2012

Why is it...

you are trying to get the last of the scrumptious bits of a snack in the bottom of the bag and tap it toward your
mouth and two lbs of stuff falls out on you and between the couch cushions

that piece of bread that never drops from you hand, has butter on one side, and that is the day it falls
on the floor, butter side down

that the drink on the table that you bump with your elbow picks today to spill over and on to those important papers you were going to put away

the battery you promised to change for the car dies and there is no one around to get a ride to work

you forgot that you said that you would this one time do what you didn't want to do and you forgot and you don't feel that bad about it

that today is the day that everything that could go wrong did and the only thing to do is get mad at the world and be miserable all day or laugh hysterically at the absurdity of it all

the winning lottery ticket is in the pair of jeans that just went through the wash. at least you thought it was a winner...for five bucks

guys always think that if one of something works two is better

if an extra strength medicine works all the time shouldn't that be regular strength?

asking for directions is something a guy does only if he is lost at night time in an area he has never been to before.

a guy hates to admit he is wrong especially if he is right

directions on how to put something together should not be needed, it should be intuitive...that is my story and I am sticking to it

nothing is more wasteful then not being efficient in the workplace and professional

one thing I hate is not looking like I know what I am doing at the work place or at home

of all the things I can do, my ability to work on a car has disappeared over the years as the technology has increased

you are making something to eat and the blinking light of the microwave saying it is done and is still blinking...
and you forgot you put it in the microwave...

and of course it is time
for the second giant mug of coffee

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