Monday, January 9, 2012

Taking Niacin Better Work or Is Puking Worth It?

Okay, not quite, but on some days it gets very close. I take one tablet everyday to try and lower my cholesterol.

And it is a slo-niacin, designed to lessen the flushing effect. Most days nothing happens, but when it does...

the skin gets pinkish red all over, yes everywhere like a bad sunburn.

itching all over that scratching can't make it  better.

and worse yet, a sudden sensation of throwing up about to happen.

When it gets real bad, I am forced to lay down head on a pillow, get under a blanket, and wait for it to subside.

If this happened each and every time, I would have stopped long ago but it doesn't.

In case you were wondering, yes, there is a type of niacin that doesn't cause any of the above but it doesn't help on cholesterol.

So I have decided to monitor what I do and what I eat or drink or other supplements that might cause
the flare ups.

Right now, I am feeling quite perky

must be the giant cup of coffee to start my day!

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