Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Needed Telling Part Two

Let's see, I won't be doing anymore posts on what is in your food. You know, or choose to ignore the content of what companies put in your food. 

I have pointed out you can find tri-sodium phosphates, titanium dioxides, foaming agents, petroleum products, Round-Up pesticides, food dyes, natural and artificial flavorings in your food and you still eat it. 

Many of the names I just mentioned can be found in the paint department in cleaners, paint and pipe cleaners in the plumbing department to clean the pipes in the sink.

A lot of restaurants use food suppliers that all use the same types of food.

I love to make my own meals. I have gone back to the old style of making my own soup, doing my own baking and so on. I am slowly going organic because even though it does cost more in some cases, not all, I think I am worth it.

To put it another way, convenience kills, albeit slowly. Vending machines are harmful and very costly. Diet foods, another oxymoron, make you fat.

There are chemical companies that will make something taste like whatever you want. Chemical companies! And yet, still you eat it.

I have talked about chicken nuggets, strawberry milk shakes, chemical crusted chips.
Yogurt with more sugar then a handful of candy bars, orange juice with chemical flavoring added,  and the list goes on.

You all are adults. You make your own decisions. I give up. 

Sometimes the problem with being an adult is you stop asking questions and are supposed to make decisions based on the untruths of advertising.

For those that want to know more, sign up for some news letters at Men's Health or sign up with Dr. Mercola and his news letter emails. You will be surprised at the range of topics covered on both.

This is not to say that there won't be a mention here and there on something. But it will be a mention. That is all.


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