Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Cleansing Thunderstorm Is Needed

There is a long list of things that I need but one that came to mind is a powerful thunderstorm to clear the air and my mind.

One of those scary clouds billowing up out of no-where, dark menacing wind howling storms. The storm comes alive, winds so strong the rain is horizontal, fingers of the wind clawing at the windows and doors of the house, trying to destroy all who inhabit the abode within. Thunder so loud you would swear the house has risen amongst the clouds, lighting racing across the sky, brilliant flashes, hotter then the sun, dancing in the air, dangerously close and tantalizing so far away. To marvel at the all powerful part of natures wonder, laughing at man's feeble attempt to coexist with it on this planet. To wonder if the storm will ever end, so strong one cowers in front of its onslaught, hoping to survive under shelter once again.

And then it does end, the sweet smell of the air, fresh ozone mixed in the gentle breeze purifying the air and cleansing the inner soul. The clouds part, the night time sky reveals all is as it was, waiting for the next time, on stand by, when it is needed once again.

yep, that is what I need

that along with a pot of coffee

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