Sunday, January 8, 2012

Women are a mystery to British physicist Hawking

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Well it is good to know the man who can figure out the mysteries of the universe can not understand women.

And I thought it was just me.

Ask any woman can they understand themselves and they will smile and say"of course not silly man"

LONDON (Reuters) - The biggest mystery in the universe perplexing one of the world's best known scientists is -- women.
When New Scientist magazine asked "Brief History of Time" authorStephen Hawking what he thinks about most, the Cambridge University professor renowned for unravelling some of the most complex questions in modern physics answered: "Women. They are a complete mystery."
The wheelchair-bound Hawking, who only recently retired from a post once held by Isaac Newton, talked to the magazine in the run-up to celebrations for his 70th birthday about his biggest scientific blunder and his hopes for modern science.
Hawking is due to celebrate his 70th birthday on Sunday with a public symposium entitled "The State of the Universe" at theUniversity of Cambridge's Centre for Theoretical Cosmology.
Hawking heads a list of speakers including British Astronomer Royal Martin Rees, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Saul Perlmutter and Kip Thorne, one of the world's leading theoretical physicists.
(Reporting by Paul Casciato, editing by Steve Addison)

and now for a contemplative cup of coffee

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