Monday, January 23, 2012

Cyber Friendships

The internet is a strange and wonderful place. It is far reaching, encompassing the world as we know it and yet, it missing something, something that is not easily obtained.

The face to face interaction that a human being needs to thrive and exist. To talk to, see, and touch, the basics of knowing someone, meeting someone,  it is all necessary.

It is nice to have cyber friends. When someone posts that they are meeting a fellow blogger, there is an air of excitement, one hopes that they will like each other in person. From the ones that have met, they have all been successful, at least from what I have read.

However, sometimes mini relationships on line can get strained and sometimes there is a parting of the ways.  
Usually over something silly that in real life would be fixed with a look
or a touch. But alas, online doesn't give that option.

But knowing someone on line doesn't have any type of commitment.  Words are flexible, one reads into them as they want. 
Someday I will be a good writer, not great, but good. I work on bringing my thoughts and emotions clearly and succinctly to what I want to express. 

All in all, meeting people on line, blog by blog, has been rewarding. I hope it doesn't stop.
The ones I know, I treasure them all.

and now of course
it is time for a cup of coffee
brought to you by 11111's and 00000's


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