Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Florida Casual

The most liked aspect of living in south Florida is the year round warm weather that we enjoy. We do have the occasional cold snap in the winter months that send shivers down our spines but for the most part it is t-shirts and shorts for me on my off days and something I like to change into when I get home from work. Wearing shoes around the house is rare unless I am doing work outside or up on a ladder.

trying to be colorful for a change
as you can see ironing is optional

I am a very casual guy with my clothes. I don't ever wear a suit, heck I no longer own one. I am always on the lookout for something comfortable to wear. I was at the local Costco one day and happened to see some Speedo swimsuits for sale. No, not the little swimsuit but more of a walking short style. I bought a pair, tried them on and went back for more. That also had some t-shirts from Hathaway. T-shirts for me are always a problem as they all shrink when washed, even in cold water. I finally got lucky this time, colorful and long enough to still tuck in if needed.

They have pockets
come with a drawstring
I am ready for the pool
or a ride around the neighborhood

I am not a fashion guy and don't like to think to much when I get dressed. But just remember this, when you are shoveling snow or having a tough time walking on the icy sidewalks later on this year I will be contemplating a dip in the pool or a nap on the couch. Looking cool, very casual! haha

java time
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