Friday, July 15, 2011

American Justice

I know many people can get up in arms and raise a hue and cry to get the bad guy or girl and the evidence is so overwhelming and why didn't they get hin/her...blah...blah...blah...

Nothing is ever that simple or just.
I just finished " The Innocent Man " by John Grisham and before that I read " Mississippi Mud " by Edward Humes.  Both are real life and death stories, one in Mississippi and one in Oklahoma.

To borrow a line from John Grisham, himself a former lawyer, "...bad police work, junk science, faulty eyewitness identification, bad defense lawyers, lazy prosecutors, arrogant prosecutors."

They are both stories that will captivate on one hand and fill you with despair on the other.  Oh, and if you think you would make a great eye witness, let tell you this story.

A police academy was conducting a class with about thirty recruits. The instructor was making a point when suddenly a man burst into the room pointed a gun at the teacher and fired,  killing the teacher and quickly ran away. The class sat there in stunned silence.

All of a sudden the teacher jumped to his feet yelling "You are all eyewitnesses to a killing. Write down everything you saw, down to the smallest detail."

There were thirty different versions of what happened and what the killer looked like.

You will start to wonder is there a chance for justice anywhere. You will wonder how many will  die who where innocent. You will no longer dismiss with a wave of a hand when someone will say " I am innocent." You will also wonder what if it was you that was accused, Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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