Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cellulite In Men?

90% of women get cellulite because of their estrogen levels and how the fat lies under the skin. Men's fat is more  so interlaced with the muscles. So it doesn't happen as often.

By the way, this information was found online. However a backward glance into a mirror one morning confirmed that it possible for guys to get some too! WTF! So I got that going for me. However, it is hardly noticeable because I don't wear that high cut swim suit like the ladies.

It is not like I have women clamoring to get a look at my behind as I walk away, sadly I might say.

Honestly, for the most part we don't care. If one understands it is part of nature it shouldn't matter.

Trust me, you will still get an admiring glance no matter what. In fact I am looking right about now!

and now, showing off my dimples, I realize it is

Time for another pot of coffee!

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