Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Will Tell All On What Attracts A Guy To A Woman!

And after years of research the answer is? We don't know. Sigh... Guys over the years will develop their own instant analysis on what attracts them to a woman, but it is something that will change over time.

Yes, we do compare.  A woman walks in the room, we like. She comes in later with a friend, do we still like?
She comes in with two friends, oh my, now it gets complicated.  But three guys looking at three women will all have different likes and preferences.

Many woman think it is all boob lust. Bigger is better. Not necessarily. Over time preferences change anyway. It can't be all physical because looks will change.

Is it her smile?
Is it her laugh?
Is it her eyes?
Is she intelligent? Yes that counts.
Is she confident?
Is she shy?
Does she bring out the manly protective instinct to care for her? Trust me, that happens.

And does she, and this is big, care for him? This is the big card in the deck.
And now for the big secret.

This all happens in seconds, maybe minutes, sometimes over a few hours.  None of this "One day he realized how wonderful and beautiful she was!" paperback romance stuff.

And there maybe things to sway him otherwise, things he knows or learns, rarely will he change his mind.

And there you have it. I have revealed all. I will of course be drummed out of the man club.
oh well.

coffee time

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