Sunday, January 20, 2013

They fear our government, that is why they have guns

There is a lack of trust that our government is for the people by the people.  A deep seated fear. They will say"you will have to pry my gun from my cold hands." The truth is, they will. One can have all the assault weapons and bullets and guns and knives and whatever, but if they launch an attack, it is over. And they will cart you away in a body bag.

They will quote the 2nd amendment as their bible. In fact the government doesn't believe in the constitution, hasn't for many years. They have chipped away at it, it is barely hanging on. For example, people are more involved with the latest smart phone than due process in a court of law. Whatever happened to habeas corpus?
Secret courts, secret camps, the president can order American citizens killed. Where is the hue and cry?

Yes there are gun nuts. Yes atrocious things have happened, many lives taken away. By that same token soldiers lives are lost everyday and many by suicide. Put in harms way, not to protect our country but to further some one's agenda. Many come home in body bags you are not allowed to see because it would inflame the American public. But still, more people are interested in the judges on American Idol.

Some that read this will say this a disjointed jumble of words on this page and that I don't understand what is going on in the world. Maybe that is true. But I do know it is almost impossible to have a discussion about politics, religion and world affairs without a lot of arm waving or arms crossed and foot stomping or whatever because it comes down to my way or the highway.

The problem with our government is that it sees every problem as a nail and they are the hammer. We stopped being the land of the free a long time ago.

time for a cold dark brooding coffee

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