Tuesday, January 1, 2013

If you use a kidney for a down payment, I can get you a cell phone for free

End of contract.
The rant for no more two year contract. Keep it simple keep it cheap. Month to month. Understood. I agree, but it is not going to happen. We have a family plan for four of us. Smart phones. Only the phones are smart, actually not too smart and kind of slow.

But they still work. Most of the time. But phones break, whether you do anything or not. You can get insurance, eight dollars a month. You get a replacement if needed. Five dollars extra if you want it next day. That part works, I have used it. A bargain. However pay for it for 24 months, is it worth it? Do the math.

Do you talk all that much? A thousand minutes doesn't sound like a lot but it is. We have had plans at 1500 minutes and just once went over 1,000 minutes. Most people text now a days. I stay in touch with a few friends up north, maybe 3-4 hours at most. Family mostly texts each other. I will answer a long text message
with "K". I am famous for that. Bowing, applause...

Unlimited. Why? Because texting is cheap to do and send by the companies. Someday they will get wise to it and have unlimited calling and expensive texting. Someday.

Phone costs
Really, six hundred dollars? And as soon as you buy it, it is old and outdated? And the phones promise you everything, almost like beer googles just before closing. But I can buy a lot of beer for six hundred dollars.

I was kidding about the kidney or it might be a lung as a partial payment. Honestly, is it worth it? Smart phones keep us from getting bored, instead we can be all bored together. It stops you from having to strike up a conversation with someone. Shuddering!!!

So there you go, our quest to renew our service without killing each other.

What are my choices again? Sigh...

beer time 2013


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