Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh so shy, High school was such a waste

Sad but true. Not being popular in grade school set me up for a long four years in high school. Not popular, not cool, not most likely, not overly skilled in sports, tongue tied around around girls of all kinds and shapes. I only had a few friends that over time faded away. I was overmatched in most of the classes that I took. My report card always had the bloody red F's adorning them.

I never went to the dances, never had a date to any proms. They were invisible years. It was a painful time, many scars that never quite healed. It took a long time to recover. The thinking on this post my prove otherwise.

Eventually I put myself in positions that forced me to overcome and evolved. In my early twenties I became a bartender which overtime changed everything about me. I was forced, one baby step at a time to act differently. I let my funny side show. I stopped worrying about rejection. I became a very good bartender, in demand, working as much as I wanted, learning to deal with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations, good and bad.

But still things linger. I don't think I have even come close to my potential in life. But I have survived. Some days that is like being most likely to succeed.

To all the pretty girls who never gave me a look or kindness or the time of day, if you only knew...

coffee time

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