Monday, January 14, 2013

very early morning random thoughts from rj

It is proving once again that the football playoffs are much more watchable then the Super Bowl will ever be.

That if I had dedicated myself to one particular sport, with years of training, the best teachers, the best techniques,  that I would still be an average athlete, They are that good.

That the most scary thing one may do is changes careers late in life.

That as a parent, one can only hope you have done well. It will be years before you know how it turns out.

One almost has to trick the mind in believing that what you want is what you want. The mental roadblocks to failure will pop up everywhere. It is hard to mute the inner voices of defeat. When you do, your successes will be enormous.

Success does not have to be shrouded with fame. It is okay to be great at something and still unknown to the world. The good thing is that greatness will be recognized in due course.

There is nothing worse then waking up from a long sleep and still being tired.

The problem with working through physical pain as you get older is you are not sure it will go away.

Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship but like seasoning in cooking, you should always add enough to make it worthwhile and tasty.

The rewards in life should be on par with the effort put forth. A surprise bonus can be helpful and appreciated.

The hidden intrigue of a woman can sometimes be better then the unveiling.

The warm touch of a hand is always better than the promise of nothing.

Time of an energizing cup of coffee
but it is very noticeable that the effect isn't what it used to be.


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