Monday, January 7, 2013

Guys don't like to talk about that ...

Age, okay, getting older, especially that magic number...70! or older. We are getting older. Age comes up in the conversation, more often then not. A friend of mine, who just turned 61, he was born in January, me in November, but the same year, brought up the "how much longer until retirement" sentence. We talked about social security and different dollar amounts and how wise it is to wait as long as possible and so on.

Then it dawned on me. We don't talk about life pass 70. It seems like a magic number. Like shooting 59 in golf, talking during a no-hitter, holding your breath during the final seconds of a championship game your team is about to win.

No one knows how long retirement will be or will we retire at all. Life is a crap shoot as it is. And life pass 70, will we be there, to get the checks the government doesn't want us to receive, to enjoy life as we want?
Will we be healthy enough to enjoy our selves or will the trials and tribulations of just surviving all these years take it's toll?

It is a somewhat scary and disconcerting thought isn't it. Sometimes I feel like an old building, crumbling away and then there is a spark of hope, a good day, or two or three. I am in the midst of a late stage career change which in its self can be distracting. So if you ever want to talk about my later quietly, don't want to disturb the old age gods from their slumber!

time for a coffee

I need someone help me to the kitchen
naw, not yet...

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