Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why we are like we are, the United States copied everything from the British

SInce this country was born, we have used the way the British became a world power as a blue print and have done it better. The sun never sets on British rule.
We stole their playbook. We learned from their mistakes. We do make mistakes, many of them but we hide them better from the American public.

The rest of the world sees us as we are. Not the people themselves but our great leaders are at fault. But this has been going on for quite awhile.

I was watching the History channel the other day and the focus was on Teddy Roosevelt, and his connections with the Suez canal.  He realized that if a canal was in place it would be easier to get our navy from one ocean to another. So he had congress ratify a treaty to rent the land and the canal. The problem was the land was owned by Columbia. They said no. So we put in place a new country, Panama, which let us in. "Talk softly and carry a big stick", remember that phrase?

Soon afterwards, we had a fleet of 16 ships "visit" countries around the world, to let them know what we had and what would happen if they messed with us. We don't use the under rule phrase any more, but our military is everywhere. Currently we are trying to put the squeeze on China. They have noticed. And are gearing up.
A new cold war is brewing. Here we go again.



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