Thursday, September 27, 2012

You never know when you open a door

I was out yesterday with another trainer prospecting for business. (I have been going out with different agents getting a sense of style and the steps taken to get business.)
We have our names of businesses and contact names, it is an easier way of doing business, but I digress.

We opened a door and walked in, met the gentleman, Pete, agreed that he would not be a good fit at this time, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw a drum set under a tarp.

We continued talking and found out he did the sound production and editing for many musical groups, cities, county productions and so on. He decided to give us a tour of the place. Grabbing his keys he proceeded to open a door and we stepped in and I felt like we had fallen down the rabbit hole.

It was a full production room complete with a massive control board and racks of equipment that he used. He mentioned many groups were going back to analog because it was a warmer sound and there was a reel to reel tape machine that he uses. But wait...

On the wall were some Pink Floyd albums and I commented how much I loved them and that VH1 had recently done a special on Pink Floyd and showed the process of making Dark Side of the Moon.

Goldman, Seth (Stage Technician)
September 1970 — December 1972
November 1974 — October 1994

Goldman, Seth (Monitor Engineer)

Two platinum albums hung upon the wall with his name and Pink Floyd. Unfortunately Seth wasn't there, he worked part time, now in his mid sixties.

I really, really wanted to touch them, hold them, squeeze them. But I didn't.

He then showed us the stage area they were building and gave us a very nice tour of the whole place.
As we were about to leave I asked if he could show us the drum set and he did.

The drums were there along with the seat. The cymbals were not attached, which was probably a good thing because I might have embarrassed myself by asking to let me play them, being I haven't played in years it might not have been pretty.

It turns out he has been playing drums for over 30 years and his group is a warm up act for many of the main acts at concerts in the area.  I think he said it was called the Fleetwoods.

Finally we had to leave. I don't think my feet had touched the ground the whole time there.

just a door with a bay number on it, an unknown story waiting to be told. I have the gentleman's card and his website and I will post it at a later time. I also asked him about an idea I had, seem the right time and place. I will talk about that later.

So, how was your day?

a happy cup of coffee this morning


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