Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cursive writing is like Latin, Dead

I was out and about yesterday getting my phone looked at ( new replacement on the way ) and was talking about minutes used and texting and talking. My kids text more the they talk, way more. He laughed and said now a days people talk with their thumbs.

He has a younger brother living in northern Florida whose school had stopped teach cursive. I was only mildly surprised. Why? Hasn't printing and spellcheck thank god for it or people would think that I am illiterate  taken over everything?

Isn't true the only time you use cursive is when you have to sign something? Isn't it also true that most of the time you can't read it anyway?

So maybe it is a good thing after all.

I will miss the flourishes of beautiful handwriting.

A lost art, much like calligraphy.

time soon for a cursive bottle of beer

like I need an excuse

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