Monday, September 10, 2012

Call me insane but it is time to start another blog!

Okay, I am insane. But...

I have this one which is of a general nature, I have one for my poetry and my drawing.
What is next?

My love of music and music videos. it has been calling out to me as of late. I have dabbled in it with my Sunday music selections and I guess it is time to take it to the next step. It will be for my own personal enjoyment but I do hope some will stop by to say hi.

I do have a lot of musical memories to draw upon. Many, many years of musical adventures. Because of the internet and You Tube, I keep finding more that I appreciate everyday. I may or may not post music on both blogs. I will have to see. But it will be fun....for me anyway!

The songs that I have posted of late, I have tried to find a song from an artist that doesn't get the same attention as some other songs that they might be known for.

You might be surprised at some of the choices.

Some songs quicken the pulse, stir emotions, bring back memories of happiness and/or sadness. Some will be of singers or groups that I have never heard of before. New to me anyway!

So grab a favorite beverage from the kitchen and head out to the patio where the music promises to be loud, the food good and plentiful, the lighting just right to make me look good and the conversation engaging.

Even if it is just me talking to myself! lol

time for an energy loaded coffee
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