Sunday, September 23, 2012

File this under teaching very old dogs new tricks

You may have noticed or not that their had been a time gap on any postings on my new blog R. Jacob Post Musical Experience because I couldn't, something had happened.

I had always found the video I wanted, clicked on the share button, clicked on imbed button, copy and paste, preview and or play and then publish and on to the next one.

This week, nothing. Very perplexing. Only the code would post no matter how many times I tried. And with work in play ( yes work! ) I didn't have time to explore why.

Today I was playing around and guessed that with the blogger change on posting, maybe it was the reason. I found the insert video button on the top and ta da ( I love ta da ) it worked and I am back in business.

There are still a few steps involved but I am happy to see music happening again.

You may have noticed my Sunday Music list is gone. I have absorbed most of them today into R. Jacob Post Musical Experience. I hope you enjoy it over there.

File this under teaching very old dogs new tricks. I liked this sentence so much I used it for the title!

yawning, stretching, reaching for the handy coffee

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