Sunday, September 16, 2012

The end of Sunday Music

I had decided to experiment with my love of music and music videos to post music only on Sundays.

Soon I could see that it would take over a whole side of my blog as I tracked my selections.

So I have decided to stop it. But never fear "music lovers".

For I have created...Ta Da! the  R. Jacob Post Musical Experience

Most of the time when one writes, it is rare to post more than one thing at a time as it will get lost in the shuffle. It is not a problem with my new blog as I am going for the jukebox affect.
This gives me an outlet for my music I have found or sometimes rediscovered.

Stop on by and give it a listen. You will see many whole album selections and one hit wonders and stuff that just grabs me. Right now the emphasis is on the 60's but that can change in a heart beat.

That is all for now

your friendly D J


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