Monday, September 17, 2012

The Start Of A New-Final Career

Ta Da
Yes, today is my first day of orientation, second day tomorrow, and then into the field, bothering selling business to business, showing off all my insurance wares.

I have found out that I am not ready to settle down and retire, very boring. One needs deadlines, things to do, structure and such. I need to interact with people and be helpful. It has become part of my nature, my DNA.

I am somewhat anxious of course to live up to the promise I showed during the interview. Mondays are the one day of the week where everyone in the district meets to go over what they did last week, I think. All new to me, so we will see.

I believe there are 15 agents in the district besides myself. I will be the new kid in class and I am sure to be sized up and scrutinized and wondered about and questioned, politely of course.

I will also have to gradually build up a work wardrobe. I don't have a suit or sport coat in the closet. I know that seems strange but when you work in a warehouse environment as I have for the last 20 plus years you find less and less reasons to wear a coat and tie. And as one's social life winds down the need disappears to dress up.
I have had a very casual wardrobe for years. Wearing a shirt and tie everyday will take some time getting used to.

I had to open a new checking account during the week. I will be responsible for my own taxes and FICA payments. The new account has three sections to it so I can split up what I need to stay organized. To all you accountants and bookkeepers out there, I salute you. After all these years of having it done by corporate, it will be out of my mind with paperwork interesting.

Of course I am up early. Oh it would gave been nice to sleep in late. but I am almost always up at five or sooner, no matter when I go to bed.

Soon it will be time to go off on my new adventure. I appreciate the support I have been given and I will try not to disappoint! I will of course give updates at least in the beginning as I get my sea legs.

By the way, I talked to my class instructor, doing a followup. He said I did well scoring as high as I did the second time I took the test. Most barely pass it!

time for an endurance cup of coffee


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