Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sometimes timing is everything

I had a quick meeting with my district manager yesterday morning. I did get dressed nicely but passed on the shirt and tie as I was not going into the field and wore a nice golf shirt instead. Blue, to go with my eyes! ha ha

But here is the timing thing. It was the shoes. My comfortable black slip ons that I had forever. As I got out of my truck I realized my right shoe had mostly separated, the sole from the shoe! As I walked it was flopping around like some type of clown shoe. When I met the boss, I quickly pointed it out and hid my embarrassment.

Here is the good thing. I was done for the day after the meeting and was able to later buy a nice very expensive pair of shoes on sale at Nordstrom's pair of shoes and take care of a few other things later on that say avoiding missing a day in the field.

My day was not ruined and for that I am happy.

a soulless beer ( get it? shoe sole )

sigh...never mind

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