Friday, September 14, 2012

I played golf today without drinking beer, never ever again

Our usual foursome was not available today so I made it a twosome with a guy I used to work with. We ended up pairing up with another two guys to speed up play.

The guy I was with is pretty good, but me, well let's say I get my moneys worth and the high score proves it. But we usually drink beer as we play. A beer is usually nearby at all times. Contrary to popular belief, it helps.

You get relaxed and loosened up and and as long as it is not overdone it doesn't hurt the game. And the jokes about playing a ladies game go on all day.

But not today. To be polite I didn't have any. And I think it hurt me. I came home just as tired, just as sore as any other time out. But I didn't have as much fun.

But wait...Nature Alert!!!

Teeing off on the back nine, surrounded by bushes and tall grass with water near by, we heard the grunts of an alligator! And saw some bushes moving, and saw an iguana! Oh and a family of raccoons, twice!
They are sneaky and if you have open food on your golf cart they will run up and steal it!

In Florida, one always assumes if there is water there is an alligator. It's a rule.

So to sum it all up
rule 1
play more golf

rule 2
drink beer

and I will drink a beer to that right now

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