Friday, February 3, 2012

What was it like back then...

This photo is from 1935. One notices the prices and how inexpensive they are by todays standards. But then you can see that the barbershop is empty, no customers in sight.

The food prices are super low, but this picture was taken during the great depression when yearly wages averaged $750 and farmers averaged $250. All of a sudden 10 cents for a haircut and a pork chop seems like a lot of money. 

A little look into the past. Not quite sure if it was the good old days.


Fitchburg, Masachusetts.- The Fitchburg Art Museum is proud to present "Pioneers in American 20th Century Photography", on view at the museum through March 18th. A rare and recently acquired Alfred Stieglitz image "The Steerage" (1907), is the centerpiece of this exhibition featuring early 20th Century American photography. This seminal photograph, printed on Japanese tissue paper, is one of only eight existing in the world. It has been hailed as one of the greatest photographs of all time because it captures in a single image both a formative document of its time and one of the first works of artistic modernism.
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