Thursday, February 16, 2012

Knee Surgery Postponed

It is kind of sad really and funny at the same time. Working with workman's comp has been a nightmare. An authorization had been given for the doctor to go ahead with the surgery on my knee. I had gotten my medication yesterday knowing I would need it after surgery today. I had my daughter drive me this morning. I checked in, signed my life away and proceeded to the prep room. I put on the very stylish gown, laid back in the bed and the nurse hooked me up in to the I.V.  And like a scene from a bad movie, the doctor walked in with a sheet of paper that said the authorization had been nullified and the surgery had been canceled. Almost like a call from the governor issuing a stay of execution except in this case I was denied.


This has been 22 months since I hurt myself at work. I won't go in to the how details but one would agree it has been awhile.

I have learned to be patient over the years. We are not done yet.

to be continued
a surgical beer is needed

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