Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The 40th Anniversary Of The Godfather, The Bestest Movie Of All Time!

Okay, I know bestest isn't a word, but it should be to describe this movie. I have watched it hundreds of times over the years and read the book so many times that it fell apart and I had to replace it.

By the way, reading the book fills in the gaps that movie doesn't touch on and vice versa.
And of course, you must watch Godfather II as good at the first. Godfather III is not as good, but it does touch on the Vatican banking scandals.

Each time I read and watch I find myself immersed in the story of the of the Italian immigrant and the paths that his life took to the present time of the movie.

Many times I use quotes from the movie, but on occasion catch myself, realizing that they have not seen the movie and the quote is useless.

A quick note of sorts, every time you see oranges, someone or something dies! except once.

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the movie trailer

the opening scene

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