Thursday, February 9, 2012

Really? A Great Hair Day?

Yes it's true, it looks so good I wish I have the nerve to take a I wish I looked good in a photo picture! But since I didn't, you will have to trust me on this.
I am fortunate to have a full head of hair, going a bit gray okay maybe it is more than a bit grey, but never the less.
It has been awhile since I got a haircut and it has grown out a bit. All this means that soon it will be time for a trim and soon it will be too long to look good.

I only need five brush I just pretended to brush my hair strokes and I am done, no spray, no jell ever. I am lucky in that regard.

But right now, I will bask in the happy happy joy joy hair day. Soon off to work!

one last morning narcissistic cup of coffee!

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