Monday, May 4, 2009

Stuck In The Gridlock Of Life

Why do we do it? We struggle out of bed in the morning after repeatedly hitting the snooze button. Stagger to the shower, hoping that the pulsating spray will jar us awake. Putting on a pot of coffee, heart starter strength, to rev up the senses. Try to dress up for the day to look somewhat professional for the workday ahead of us. And off we go.

Or do we? Rush Hour, named by the same guy who called a bald guy "Curly". Everyone is on the way at the same time trying to get to the same place, trying to get to the same job.

Really you ask? How can that be? If you ask most people how they ended up in their present job, they would have no clue. People spend more time planning a vacation then their life. Maps, time schedules, itinerary, what to see, what to do and of course for how long.

Stumbling into a profession of any sort and hating it. Hating the very place that hired them. Hating any education that might of steered them in that direction. And you will be doing it for 40-50 years or longer and you don't know why.

Ever stick a finger in water and then pull it out? You don't leave a mark. No one knows you were there. And it is a painful realization that maybe you don't matter. What you do doesn't matter.

No one will remember. And this is your legacy.

And yet tomorrow you will do it all over again.
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