Friday, May 15, 2009

Why Does It Matter?

Why does it matter?

Why does the smile of a baby make babies of us all?

Why does a falling flower petal softly swirling in the breeze know its destination?

Why does the look of a woman capture the heart and soul of a man?

Why does the mind of many create so many pleasures and so much pain in the world?

Why does walking by a pastry shop cause one to gain weight?

Why does one enjoy the most wonderful sunrise ever seen only to see it topped at nightfall by an enchanting sunset bringing a close to another day?

Why do we remember our first snowfall, our first kiss, the thrill of making a great play, making someone laugh?

Why do we remember the loss of a loved one, your first dog, staying up late, New Years Eve?

Why do we remember presents under the tree, hoping for a pony, happy with a bike?

Why do we remember that first school dance, or not going at all?

Why do remember our favorite song, when the moment was right, never to be forgotten?

Why do we remember our first crush, our first rejection, love found again?

Always questions, searching answers.
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