Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chrysler In Bancruptcy, GM Getting Ready, Anyone Surprised?

Years ago, there were hundreds of car makers dotting the landscape. Overtime, quantity, quality and efficiency of construction eliminated most of them. They dwindled down to a precious few.

Eventually, we were left with what has been called for years "The Big Three". There was a line credited to the CEO of Gm back in the 50's who said "What is good for GM is good for the country". The statement, not entirely true, still reflected the mood of the industry and the country. However, lack of completion eventually reared its ugly head.

After going through the glory years, 55-69, government regulations on pollution put the manufacturing process in a downward spiral.
For the most part, the cars were poorly made, too big, inefficient, and cost too much.

Looming on the horizon was Honda and Toyota, which had to rebuild all their factories because of the war, while in the USA, the factories were ancient, but good enough.

The imports were talked about in derisive terms, as being too small, tinny, not well made, but they got better mileage, which didn't seem that big a deal. Until the first oil crisis.

Fast forward to today.

Will only Ford survive? Many jobs count on the car industry. But back in the day many jobs counted on the buggy whip industry.This too will pass, painfully.

Now Toyota and Honda rule the landscape supplying more jobs, taxes, and all that goes with it. The car industry continues to evolve and in 20 years will not be recognizable.

Life goes on. GM and Chrysler won't.
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