Sunday, May 24, 2009

Addicted to Starbucks? Not me! Give me a cup of Joe

Starbucks menu

Iced Coffee with Milk As sunny and refreshing as a run through the sprinkler – (16 fl oz).
Iced Caffe Mocha A rich reward of espresso, milk and mocha sauce. Whipped cream too if you want it.

Caramel Frappuccino® blended coffee This is sweet, buttery bliss in the afternoon.

Caffè Misto/Café Au Lait
Coffee and steamed milk

Coffee of the Week
Today's freshly brewed coffee

Decaf Coffee of the Week
Today's freshly brewed decaf coffee

Iced Brewed Coffee

Iced Coffee with Milk
A delicious and refreshing blend of freshly brewed Starbucks® Terraza Blend served chilled and slightly sweetened on ice with a splash of 2% milk.

They all sound wonderful and intimidating to order. I need my hand held to order a cup of java? What about the other customers? Can I ignore the snickering and the sighs, who let this one in? If the lines are too long they send someone out to inject humor into the long wait playing Trivial Pursuit.

I look longingly at the tables outside with people conversing, sharing ideas, from all walks of life.

The big umbrellas that open to shelter one from the sun's rays.

The Big Barista blending the perfect cup of coffee.

I love coffee. I confessed recently to drinking coffee cold, most of the time. Hot coffee is a time luxury I usually can't afford.

I didn't start drinking coffee untill by 30's. My parents always drank coffee but they mixed in stuff meant to kill the taste? A canned milk called Milnot. Plus sugar. I tasted it a few times and thought it was nasty.

Then one day on a sales call, tired and thirsty, a guy said" have some coffee. It has been sitting awhile and it is cold, but have a cup"

A new thirst sensation was born.

I realized I like coffee. Not fancy, but black. The beans make the difference, brewing technique, ok I will buy that. Black Coffee, I am easy to please.

I would order a cup at a restaurant, black please, and they would bring cream and sugar. Creamer in a jar. No cream in there either.

Coffee from the islands seem to be the best. From Hawaii with Macadamia and Vanilla. That is my current favorite and seems it will be for a long time. Most major store brands deliver the caffine jolt, but not the flavor.

I am not a fancy guy, just give me a big cup of delicious coffee, pull up a chair and lets be friends. Oh by the way, the cute table, big umbrella is ok too, and something to read. I would be so happy, if I had the time. and some ice...too hot!
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